General Support


General FAQs - How can I get support for your products?

Drop an email to

Our staff is available Monday to Friday 10.00 - 18.00 CET and will answer to all your questions.

Customer service is time consuming and subtracts resources which could be used to improve existing products and develop new ones. When opening a support ticket, PLEASE:

1) Read FAQs and product manuals first;
2) Choose an appropriate and explanatory subject for your request;
3) Do not send multiple support requests for the same problem;
4) Do send different support requests for different problems;
5) Do not attach your license file nor license code;
6) If your inquiry is about RapidWeaver plug-ins, include a link to your published product page.

General FAQs - How do I install my plugin?

Double-click on the plugin icon and RapidWeaver will automatically install it.


Then restart RapidWeaver and add a new RapidCart/RapidLink/RapidMaps/RapidViewer page to your project.


General FAQs - When will I receive my license?

You'll receive your license automatically via email after the purchase.


If you didn't receive it, check your Spam folder or contact us.

Please bear in mind that if you've chosen to pay using an eCheck, it takes up to 5 business days to clear. You should have received an email coming from PayPal with the expected clearing date.

Once your eCheck has been cleared, you'll automatically receive your license(s).

General FAQs - How do I register my plugin?

In order to register your plugin, click the "Register" button on the top right corner.


Drag and drop your license file on the windows that will appear.




Registration through license code

If you encounter any problems registering via drag and drop, please follow these steps:

1.Open your purchase receipt mail
2. Copy the text between "--CUT HERE--" strings


3.Open the "Registration Window" by pushing the Registration button and click on "Register using license code"


  1. Paste your code in the box.



Please check and try again.

General FAQs - I've lost my license. How do I retrieve it?

If you can't find your license, visit and fill in the form with your email address.
We will promptly send you all your licenses.

Please keep in mind that the email address is the one you used for purchasing our products, usually it's your PayPal account.

If anyhow you don't remember your PayPal account or you didn't receive your license, please contact us.

General FAQs - Why my license doesn't work?

Do not double click the license file attached to your registration email. From the plugin window, press the "Register..." button, then drag and drop the license on the window that will appear.

If you're using a webmail interface, save the license file locally first and then drag and drop it onto registration window.

Keep in mind that major version updates (e.g. from version 1.x to 2.x, or from version 2.x to 3.x) usually are paid upgrades and require you to purchase an upgrade license in our store.

Please open a discussion if you can't solve your issue.

General FAQs - Can you suggest any hosting provider fully compatible with your plug-ins?

Our plug-ins are compatible with most web hosting services.

If your current provider is limiting or not supporting PHP and you're looking for a new, professional hosting service, we'd love to suggest you pair Networks, which hosts omnidea's web sites as well.

General FAQs - Are PPC processors (G5, G4) still supported by your products?

As of March 2012, less than 1% of our customer base is still using PowerPC-based Macs. Moreover, Apple itself has stopped supporting them in latest versions of their development tools, needed to deliver bleeding edge software.

This is the reason why we've decided to drop support for PPC architecture in all new products and future updates to existing products.

If you're still on PPC, here's some download links to the last versions of our products supporting it:

General FAQs - Why is the SMTP feature not working?

Our plugins comes with the possibility to use an external SMTP server to send email the final customer.


"Product sending failed SMTP Error: Could not connect to SMTP host. There were problems sending email"

Unfortunately, in fight against SPAM emails, some Internet Service Providers require their subscriber to send mail through the ISP's own SMTP servers.
If you experience problems sending email, please contact your ISP to determine if it requires different SMTP server settings.

General FAQs - Why do I keep getting "Some of installed omnidea's plug-in are out of date" warning?

You're getting this alert message after an update to our plugin-in's latest version because your project uses other omnidea's plug-ins (RapidCart, RapidLink, RapidViewer and RapidMaps) that are not up to date.


Don't forget to uninstall RapidDocs, which has been replaced by RapidViewer! In order to uninstall it, simply choose Manage Themes and Plugins from RapidWeaver menu. Navigate to RapidWeaver folder and move RapidDocs.rwplugin to trash.

On August 18th 2011 we shipped an important update for ALL omnidea's plug-ins to grant compatibility with next RapidWeaver releases.

We seriously invite you all to update as soon as possible.

If you're experiencing problems with automatic update, possibly one of your RapidWeaver plugins (e.g. Slider 2) is using a broken version of Sparkle update framework and this is breaking automatic updates for all plug-ins.

Double check that all of your plugins are up to date and try again.

If you're still having troubles, please manually download and install latest version from our web site: