4. Creating your first map


You can add a pin in three different ways.

  1. By clicking on the pin icon in left bottom toolbar, a pin will be created at center of the map.
  2. By using "Search location" field on top, a pin will be created on selected location.
  3. By right-clicking directly on the map, a pin will be created on click position.


You will notice that a group named "Group" has been created.
Groups let you organize pins in sets and enrich data on the map. Download RapidMaps sample projects to enjoy the power of this feature in action.

To add a new group, click on the group icon in left bottom toolbar.
New pins will be created in selected group.

Sorting pins and groups

Pins and groups can be reorganized by selecting and move them in lis view.
This functionality is useful when using path, areas or routes.

Moving and zooming

Published map will reflect center position, zoom level and map type set in RapidMaps editor.
Move your map by dragging it and change zoom and map type, then switch to "Preview" mode to check your customizations.
By double-clicking groups or pins in the list, map will be centered and zoomed to show selected pins.

Removing pins and groups

Pins and can be removed by selecting them in the list and clicking on "Trash" icon on bottom left toolbar.
Pins can also be removed by right-clicking them in the list.

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