Step by step guide | Setting up RapidLink

Before proceeding, take a look also at RapidLink FAQ.

In this step by step guide we'll show you how to set up RapidLink to sell and automatically deliver digital pictures. Setup process would be exactly the same also for different file types (e.g. mp3, pdf, mov...).

1) Here's the photo you'd love to sell:


2) Open your RapidWeaver project and double check that in Site > Show Site Setup > General panel the Web Address field is correctly set.


3) Add a RapidLink page to your project:


3) Set your currency:


4) Optional - If you're a RapidCart user, learn how to sync your products with RapidCart.

5) Create your products. Drag your files and drop them on product lists to create your RapidLink products from scratch:


If you're going to sell text codes (e.g. registration codes or coupon codes), please refer to this FAQ.

6) RapidLink automatically creates a product for each file you drop:


7) Set SKU (Stock Keeping Unit, that is a unique identifier) and price for each product:


8) Optional - If you're going to sell particularly large files, read carefully this FAQ in order to discover how to manage them.

9) Set up the content for email receipt, which is automatically sent after a successful purchase:


10) Choose an email template:


11) Optional - Set up an external SMTP server used by RapidLink to send email notifications:


12) Optional - Set up the content for download page (that is the page customers are redirected to download your files):


13) Optional - Translate and/or customize download page messages:


14) Preview your RapidLink page:


15) Optional - Style your download page:


16) Optional - Preview your styled download page:


17) Publish or export your project, so that RapidLink generates "IPN" and "IPN test" URLs:


18) Test your RapidLink setup sending a test purchase. From RapidLink choose a product, then click Send product... button. Fill required fields and then click Send:


The email address you've entered should receive an email containing the instruction to download the product.

If everything works as expected, move on to Step by step guide - Setting up PayPal