How does RapidLink work?

The customer purchases your product using RapidCart or other PayPal-based e-commerce solutions.
PayPal, in backend, notifies RapidLink with order details (this happens even if the buyer closes the browser before returning to your site).
Once that product, currency and price have been verified, RapidLink automatically send a email to the customer with details for downloading (or registering) the product.


  1. The customer visits your store...
  2. ... then buys your products and pays thru PayPal
  3. In backend, PayPal IPN (Instant Payment Notification) sends order details to RapidLink...
  4. ... that verifies the order and sends a receipt to the customer
  5. The customer receives the receipt with details on how to download (or register) the product

Rest on the beach while your customers place orders and RapidLink delivers the products!

The process is completely automatic and requires no actions from you.