How to add the cart to non-RapidCart pages


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It's handy to have the cart in other pages of your site so visitors can surf without loosing their cart content and keeping the cart amount always on top.
We will use a book shop to illustrate how to do it.
Open your RapidWeaver project with the RapidCart page in it. Click on Page Options > General in the RapidCart page and then on `Copy template to clipboard"button as you see below:


Now choose the non-RapidCart page (1) you need to insert the cart to and open "Page Inspector". Select Header (2)> Header Custom (3) and paste the code into the window.


NOTE: You won't see the cart in Preview mode. You have to publish the site.

If the non-RapidCart page is stored in the root of your site (e.g., you've just finished and it will look like this:


If the non-RapidCart page lays in a folder (e.g. ), you need to adjust the code for any rw_common reference.
Go to the non-RapidCart page and open "Page Inspector": as above, go to Header > Custom Header to edit the code.

For each path having a reference to rw_common set it as ../rw_common.


If the non-RapidCart page is in add the ../ twice for each rw_common occurrence.


Then publish the site again.

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