Testing RapidCart through Paypal Sandbox

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Set RapidCart to use Paypal as payment gateway.


  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Enable Paypal sandbox in Page Options> Checkout (Paypal) before proceeding with tests. Otherwise, Paypal Sandbox transactions won't work.


Paypal Sandbox accounts

  1. Access your Paypal developer account or create it if you don't have one here.

  2. Go to Test Accounts and create fake accounts to proceed transaction on your store.

    Paypal Sandbox lets your create seller and buyer accounts.


    Once you've created a seller account, paste the email address related into Page Options> Checkout (Paypal) > Paypal account field. Use the seller account to verify the checkout page and layout settings.


    You can use your real Paypal seller account in RapidCart instead and proceed transaction with a fake sandbox buyer account. In this case, you'll verify that transactions correctly arrive on your account.

  3. Go to "https://www.sandbox.paypal.com" and login using your seller or buyer credential to verify transactions.


  4. NOTE: RapidCart will treat sandbox buyer and seller accounts as real accounts.

  5. If everything's fine, set the real Paypal account in RapidCart into Page Options> Checkout (Paypal) > Paypal account field, save and republish.

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