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RapidCart Requirements

RapidCart requires RapidWeaver 6.x or higher and an Intel-based Mac. You can buy your RapidWeaver license from Realmac Software store (RapidWeaver 6.x requires Mac OS X 10.9 or greater, 50 MB disk space). RapidCart pages work with most official and third party themes.
Your hosting provider should run PHP 5.2 or higher to support DIrect Order payment and coupon codes.

Downloading and Registering

RapidCart is a shareware. Before you purchase a RapidCart license, please spend time to test it in Demo mode. You can download it from the RapidCart page.

NOTE ABOUT DEMO: All of the features of RapidCart are active, but for a limited number of items (two per page). To use RapidCart without any limitations, you have to purchase a license. Once you've purchased a license and registered it into the plugin, all the limitations are removed. You don't even have to download anything new, the copy you've already had will be unlocked.
To purchase a license visit omnidea store. Your license file will arrive via email just a few minutes after you complete your purchase.

Double-click on RapidCart disk image to open it. Clicking on the RapidWeaver plugin icon will start your installation process. Check the omnidea knowledge base by clicking the "documentation" icon.


##Registration through license file or code

Please read the General FAQ on registration.


Installation problems

Using license file and RapidCart disk image

The right way to use license file is to save it into a Finder folder and drag it to the registration window as explained in the previous paragraph. Do not drag RapidCart image you downloaded from omnidea web site to the registration window, but double-click on it to install in RapidWeaver. Wrong files dropped into the registration window will show an X Sign as the picture below shows.


Using web mail service

If you’re using a webmail do not drag the license icon to the registration window directly: web browsers may not properly download the attached file. Save attachment instead and then drag it from a Finder folder to the registration window and it will work fine.

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