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RapidCart Touch is a free companion tool for iPhone (available on the App Store) that lets you add products to the cart page just where you are.

RapidCart Touch App Store page

All you have to do is take pictures of your products, add descriptions and SKU...


... and later transfer your data to RapidCart plugin. When transferring, you can pick just a set or more or all and they will be stored correctly in the RapidCart page you were editing!


If you own an iPhone/iPod, you can get your copy of RapidCart Touch for free!
Click the “Sync button” below the products list area and a video explanation will show you how to connect iPhone/iPod on Mac and start transferring data from it to the RapidCart page. All products will automatically placed on the store page with their attribute set!

Click to get your copy of RapidCart Touch or search for it in app_store_logo_small.png

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