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This section lets you set prices and other costs for each item on the store.
In particular:

  • Price: price per item (default currency is “$”, you can change it by clicking on “*Page Option>General>Currency*” and choosing from the available currencies or customize your own);
  • Special price: this is a special offer for the item; old price will show strikethroug above the new one. Check the box if you want to use a promotional price and edit the value;

  • Taxes: set the percentage of taxes per item; if you already did in Page Option panel (path: Page Option>General>Default TaxRate ), you will find default tax rate value in the field; to change this value for the selected product, simply edit by clicking on the field;

  • Shipping: shipping costs applied per item; check the box if you need to use it;

  • Add. items ship.: set the amount for additional items. First item in the cart will have “Shipping” cost applied on, then this additional cost is charged on the others.

Coupon Code

Enable coupon code (**you must have PHP 5.2 or higher on your hosting provider**) from Page options menu (path: Page option>Checkout>Coupon>Enable Coupon and check the box). A specific panel will show up in "Pricing" panel of products, and you only have to fill with Code and prices.

  • NOTE: you must export your project to see coupon codes in action. Coupon code feature doesn’t work on RapidWeaver Preview window.

  • Coupon_code.png

  • NOTE: if you see a yellow warning sign, check the SKU field on Products tab; coupon code needs a valid SKU value insert in order to work.

Fill in the Code field with a code number related to the SKU value. RapidCart will look for the coupon code along the store and apply discount for each SKU matching the entered coupon code value. Description field will give details about the coupon promotion and will display under coupon code field in the e-commerce page. Discount is percentage of discount applied for promotional coupon: to set it just edit the field. You can also choose to set a fix discount swithcing from percentage to value with the arrow tool on the right.

To set the validity period for the coupon promotion just modify the field “Valid from” (by default set to today) and “Valid until” (by default set to today+2 month): just use the arrow tool to increase/decrease the values.

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