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RapidCart lets you add multiple options for each product. Pushing the options button a panel like this below displays:


Fill in the “Option name” table with options for the selected product just clicking on the “plus button”; click on “minus button” to remove the selected one. Double-click on each options to change its name.

There are three types of options available. Switch between them with the arrow tool on the upper-right:


  • select: each option has a set of editable values and eventual additional costs and weights. E.g. See the Book shop example below with the three version, Economic, Standard and Deluxe.


NEW: if an option has surcharge, the item price will be dinamically updated on the right.

  • simple text: each option will appear under the product description as a blank textfield. (e.g. the dedication field for the book - the short one)


  • text area: this is a blank field for text, bigger than "simple text"


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