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In the Page Inspector window, you can further customize the settings for cart.
Click on `Page Options icon to open it.



This tab provides a way to change general setting for the RapidCart cart page.

Site cart ID


Cart content is automagically shared across multiple RapidCart pages. If you prefer to have separate cart content, set a different cart ID for each RapidCart page.

RapidCart allows you to have more than one cart on your site to manage different ways of payment or options for each of them. We suggest you to create the first RapidCart page and set all options, shipping, taxes and cart ID and then duplicate your page for all pages you want to share the same cart and purchase settings with.

Cart expires in: set expiration time for your cart


Put a value from 0 to 240 hours in this field. After this timeset, the cart will empty. Use arrow tool to increase/decrease the default value (24hours).

Compatibility Mode


Check this box if you found out some layout problem with your theme.

Warn about PHP


Tick this option to see an "alert" while previewing your project: if you're using coupons or Direct Order as payment option it will warn you that PHP commands related need an online server to run. Enabled by default.

Image Normalization


Save space on your hosting server by normalising images. You can set a specific image size through the arrow tool. Enable Automatically normalise on save if you'd like to reduce images size at each saving.

Use external SMTP


Tick this option to set an external SMTP as outgoing-email handler. To insert your SMTP server settings, push the SMTP Settings button. Insert the address of your SMTP (e.g. and your login credentials. If you or your server need a safer port, enable the SSL protocol(1).


Copy template to clipboard

Copy template to clipboard button image

If you want to display the cart in some non-RapidCart pages, click on the “Copy template to clipboard” button in the RapidCart page options. Then open the page you want to edit, click on Page Inspector > Header > Custom Header and paste the source code. See detailed step-by-step guide on "how to add the cart to non-RapidCart pages".

Copy/Paste all settings


You may have a huge number of pages born from duplicating a source one and you may want them to share same options over changing. This is what “Copy all settings” and “Paste all settings” buttons are for: change whatever you need to change in source “Page Options”, copy all settings; go to the “Page Options” of the destination page and press “paste all settings”.

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