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Info & version

To retrieve information about the version of RapidCart you have installed on your Mac just push on “About” tab. Clicking on RapidCart logo you’re invited to visit our web site

Check for update

To stay always up-to-date with new releases and enjoy every leaps forward of the plugin, push "Check fo updates" button.
If you are using the latest version, nothing happens.

Otherwise, RapidCart will invite you to download the new release. Read all release notes to find out new features and bug-fixes, then decide whether to “skip the version”(2) or install it (4). Choose "Remind me later"(3) if you decide not to upgrade, but the upgrade will prompt next time you'll open your RapidWeaver project.

NOTE: After installation is done, RapidWeaver will be reloaded so keep in mind to save your current projects before checking for update.


Enable "Automatically download and install updates" (1) to get updates every time they're available without you to lift a finger.

Registration details

The field below will show name and email of the owner of the RapidCart copy in use. Remember to use the same email address to purchase further upgrade in order to be recognized from automatic registration system.

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