Introduction | What is RapidBot?

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RapidBot is the incredibly easy-to-use RapidWeaver plugin to generate the robots.txt file for your site.

A robot (also known as Spider or Web Crawler) is a program that automatically traverses the Web's hypertext structure by retrieving a document and recursively retrieving all documents that are referenced.

You decide what spiders will visit in your site. Choose a crawler among our presets or a custom one. Then type a folder name or select it using default link picker. RapidBot is perfectly integrated with RapidWeaver!

Don't Get lost

Provide specific indexing rules thanks to RapidBot. Enable or disable files and folders crawling in a natural way: RapidBot will translate your directives into something that is understood by search engine bots.

RapidBot search engines

Teach Bots how you want to be reached

Don't forget that instructing search engines bots help you adding visibility to your site and let people reach you in a more efficient way excluding irrelevant contents.
RapidBot is a must-have SEO tool! Only if search engines know what to do with your pages, they can give you a good ranking.

Discover features included in RapidBot!

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