Why do I keep getting "Some of installed omnidea's plug-in are out of date" warning?

You're getting this alert message after an update to our plugin-in's latest version because your project uses other omnidea's plug-ins (RapidCart, RapidLink, RapidViewer and RapidMaps) that are not up to date.


Don't forget to uninstall RapidDocs, which has been replaced by RapidViewer! In order to uninstall it, simply choose Manage Themes and Plugins from RapidWeaver menu. Navigate to RapidWeaver folder and move RapidDocs.rwplugin to trash.

On August 18th 2011 we shipped an important update for ALL omnidea's plug-ins to grant compatibility with next RapidWeaver releases.

We seriously invite you all to update as soon as possible.

If you're experiencing problems with automatic update, possibly one of your RapidWeaver plugins (e.g. Slider 2) is using a broken version of Sparkle update framework and this is breaking automatic updates for all plug-ins.

Double check that all of your plugins are up to date and try again.

If you're still having troubles, please manually download and install latest version from our web site: